Common Facebook Ads Mistakes

Facebook ads are an effective way to reach a great number of audiences which can help you to
achieve your marketing goals as well as assist in lead generation and brand awareness. As
Facebook has billions of daily active users, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to target
the right people. With all the tools and the data to choose a selected audience that best suits
your business, Facebook Ads campaign is as crucial to a business as a good web design and
SEO. But there are some businesses that make mistakes that can ruin an entire marketing
campaign. Four most common Facebook Ads Mistakes are discussed here:
1. Starting a campaign but not managing it throughout the time
The most common mistake seen by the advertisers is not managing the campaign once they go
live. The best ads are those which reach your audience with the right content at the right time.
But if you set up a campaign and let it run on its own, it’ll decrease its effectiveness. Why?
There’s a term used “ Facebook Ad Fatigue ”. It means that your targeted audience sees the
same ads repeatedly which makes them less responsive to your posts. And as a result, a
decrease in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is seen.
You should create multiple sets of ads that can run at different times. In this way, the targeted
audience won’t have to deal with redundant content.
2. Leading the audience to a generic landing page
A landing page has to be designed with the same perfection as the ad itself. Your landing page
and the ad should have relevant data. If your Facebook ad shows a sale on a bag item, it
shouldn’t land them on the home page of the site, in fact, it should go directly to that specific
item. Relevant images and videos on the landing page result in a great chance to make a sale.
Linking your ads to a generic page can make customers confuse and searching for the specific
items might get difficult, so you have to be extra vigilant when linking the add to your website.
3. Ignoring Ad Performance
It is also seen that advertisers ignore their ad performance. The simplest and easiest way to
make your campaign effective is to closely monitor your ads’ performance. This will give you full
command over your campaign and you’ll have an in-depth knowledge about which ads are best
suited for your audience. Setup your campaign with multiple ads, mix things a bit with graphics
and the content. Then turn-off the lowest engaging ad and focus your budget on the best
performing one. Screening out the highest performing ad will also help you in setting up
campaigns in the future.
4. Marketing to the wrong audience
The biggest and most fatal mistake an advertiser can do is targeting the wrong audience. What
good can campaign do if it has the right content and right tactics but the audience is all wrong?
Like showing ladies handbags to men. That would be absurd.
You need to target the right audience based on the demographics, interests, age, gender, and
location of people. You can set all these up in the ad’s settings.

Social media ads are a part of almost every business and some businesses are totally
dependant on them. Therefore, it is really important to do your research and design the ads with
perfection before spending any budget on the campaign. Target the right audience and then
jump in with engaging images, videos, or sales offers to drive more and more traffic to your site.

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